Residential removals

GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI offers different removal options for clients who have bought or rented a new home: DIY, standard and gold. Entering our clients' homes to move things that are dear to them, and has been in the family for generations in some cases, necessitates a commitment and operational approach that goes far beyond just the technical details; we are very aware of the fact that we are entering an intimate family area. And that's why GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI always applies meticulous care when doing removals of small and large houses, always making sure that the correct preparations are in place and that the packaging and the safety of the furniture and personal belongings have been dealt with sufficiently.

The DIY move

If the client is able to handle the dismantling and assembly of the furniture, he or she may request the assistance from the Gomitoli team both for the supply of the materials needed for packaging and for van rentals with a driver and a forklift operator to assist in the removal process. The company's employees are also available for moving furniture within the same location and house.


The "Gold" removal option is a complete service in which all the removal operations (packing and reorganization of the contents and their relocation to the new residence according to the client's instructions) are done in full by the company. This option, also known as a "TURNKEY" solution, does not place any burden on the client with regards to the removal of his/her belongings, and specialized and experienced employees will take the greatest possible care in the removal process. At the client's discretion, an agreement can also be reached which only includes packaging or reorganization of goods.


In the so-called "standard" option, Gomitoli Traslochi will provide the packaging equipment for all types of furniture, which includes various types of boxes, adhesive tape and materials to protect fragile objects. The client will only have to package everything prior to the removal, and also unpack and reorganize the furniture and other objects in the new house. We will be responsible for providing the necessary packaging materials. The "Standard" removal includes the following::
  • disassembly and assembly of furniture, furnishings and kitchens;
  • handling, transport and relocation of goods by using the appropriate equipment;
  • dismounting and remounting of shelves, furnishings and paintings.
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