Types of removal

Local removals in Verona and Mantova

GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI caters for all types of removals: residential, small-scale removals, art galleries and all types of offices. Employees and the most suitable equipment will be made available for each type of removal service, while always ensuring the highest quality and professionalism.


We provide removal services for all housing types, also small-scale removals, and we always ensure the overall quality of the service and the safety of all transported furniture, accessories and clothes.

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Small-scale removals

GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI also offers services for those who want to carry out a DIY removal, by providing equipment, packaging material and transportation means for furniture and other objects. Our employees will always be at the disposal of the client for every need and problem that might arise.
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Art galleries  and museums

Our vast experience, the use of advanced machinery and equipment, and skilled and professional staff enables the company to carry out removals for "delicate" locations such as art galleries, museums and similar places. In some locations, more detailed attention must be given to objects and to all the procedures relating to the removal phase.
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Offices and Archives

Moving offices, and especially archives, is not an easy as it may seem. GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI offers support for all companies in the removal of archives (also large-sized), including packaging, cataloging and reorganizing operations.
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