Rules for a successful removal

In order to provide clients with a removal procedure that has as few problems as possible, GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI would like to give a few useful tips and suggestions for all the necessary tasks that precede the actual removal and during the removal itself.

During the removal

  1. It is indispensable to always be present during the relocation in order to be able to provide all the necessary information, such as the exact location of furniture in the new home;
  2. In order not to forget anything before departure, it is advisable to check all rooms together with the team leader;
  3. Once you arrive at your destination, your presence is indispensable to determine the exact location of furniture, furnishings and packaging;
  4. Once everything is unpacked, fold the boxes so that they can be removed by the company employees.
  5. If required, GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI is able to dispose of removal waste; In such a case, you will need to have a detailed list.

Before the removal

  1. Notify the utility companies at least a month in advance and make sure that the water, light and gas connections in the new house are set up before the removal begins;
  2. Thaw, clean and dry the refrigerator and freezer carefully;
  3. MAKE SURE that prior to our arrival (both at the point of departure and the arrival), the electricity has been switched off and there are no other impediments, such as the presence of masons, painters, cleaning companies, external scaffolding. If not, you should warn us in a timely manner (often the presence of impediments slows down our operations);
  4. Notify the Company in particular if you decide to add or remove goods than was specified in your contract;
  5. If you are providing the packaging, the please follow these simple but important rules: a) Follow the written instructions; b) write visibly on the boxes, including the contents and the destination room; c) stack the boxes in places that do not prevent the moving and dismantling of furniture; d) always keep boxes containing items of particular value separate and inform the team leader about them at the beginning of the removal;
  6. Keep a separate box with essential necessities (towels, sheets, soap, a few stoves, ...) documents and keys, travel tickets and anything else that should always be on hand during and immediately after the removal;
  7. Make a copy of your home keys and hand it over to a trusted person, assuming that it might get lost in the confusion of the removal;
  8. In case of parquet floors or particularly delicate surfaces in your new home, attache some mats to the base of the furniture (N.B. The Company can not be held responsible for damage when there are newly painted parquet floors).
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