Removals within the whole of Italy

GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI caters for every type of removal throughout Italy, guaranteeing precise, quality and punctual service in any part of the country. Because of our extensive experience in furniture removals, we offer very high-quality removal services in every corner of the Italian peninsula.

Services in the whole of Italy

In addition to the region of Verona, GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI offers national removal services throughout Italy, with specialized experience for Vicenza, Brescia and Mantova. Our collaboration with important national companies allows us to carry out "combination" removals, resulting in very advantageous prices, both for big and small-scale removals. We also welcome requests from clients who want an "exclusive" service, that is, end-to-end responsibility by our employees from the point of departure to the point of arrival.
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Gomitoli offers removals throughout Italy, call: +39 045995266 (Verona) 
+39 0376362662 (Mantova)
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