GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI offers high-quality removal services. The company has more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Through the years, it has become one of the industry landmarks in an evolving country, while keeping in step with the times. We are able to meet any demand for transport and removals in the provinces of Verona, Mantova, Brescia and Vicenza.
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The company offers various types of relocation services to meet all needs, and caters for all environments: homes, offices, art galleries and more. For each type of service, GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI offers a tailor-made solution, while keeping the service requirements in mind as well as the needs of the client. We make use of personalized and professional methods, while ensuring the highest quality for the services offered.
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The company is able to offer removals locally, nationally and internationally, thanks to the experience and structures provided by GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI. We take care of all phases of the removal, from packaging materials to furniture disassembling and reassembling as well as detachment and reattachment of cabinets and shelves. We also prepare and secure fragile goods, books and more, as well as adapting and changing kitchens.
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GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI is a market leader in the provinces of Verona and Mantova, and in addition to its wide range of services we also offer furniture storage, rental vans with driver and dockworker, forklift rentals with an operator who will be responsible for removal operations, including small-scale removals.
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The company is registered in the Road Hauliers' National Register (TVR2809346U), and provides appropriate insurance for all work-related activities. In addition, GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI can take out individual insurance policies for specific events to ensure complete coverage for all household goods according to the values declared by the client.
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GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI provides written instructions to clients to facilitate the smooth and proper execution of all packaging, logistics and removal operations.
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GOMITOLI TRASLOCHI employees are available nation-wide to provide you with customized quotes.
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